Introducing TableTime

Babette’s Cafe is experimenting with TableTime,  an in-beta mobile application, to provide our guests with text message notifications when canceled reservations or no show diners create new availability.  I anticipate this service being a great addition and one that will keep you in closer touch with the restaurant.

We will be launching this right before Valentine’s Weekend!

To opt into the process and receive table availability alerts, select the Opt In button where you will be taken to the TableTime website and have the opportunity to enter your contact information and become part of the program.  The service allows you to select specific weekends for which you would like to be placed as a priority notification recipient.

As a gift for participating in the trial, TableTime will provide a $50.00 gift card for the first three participants who book a table via their service.

Babette’s Cafe and our guests are the only ones involved in this trial.  I’m very excited and hope you will give it a try.


This market trial of the TableTime service will last for four months, kicking off on Friday February 10, 2017, and ending Saturday June 10, 2017.
More information about TableTime can be found on their website at